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2nd Day Prayer - Sweet Incense

Father, You have given us another new day and the life to live it. You are the wise and all knowing One who knows the answers to every question. You are the Source for living rightly and meaningfully. And so we begin this new day in prayer, from the floor up, talking to You Father, freely with confidence and peace that You are just the One and only One we can go to, to address the things we have no power over, answer the questions that elude us, praise and give thanks to. It is a time of You revealing Yourself and of making Your Presence felt to us, of humbling ourselves before You, giving You respect and reverence and homage. It is a time of being broken and undone. It is a time of unloading. It is a time of fellowship. It is a time when the spirit of  “What’s the use” turns into the reassurance that “All is going to work out.” We can get up off the floor relieved of a burden, lighter in spirit. It is a time when we can laugh and be glad for the good things and ones in our lives that are Your gifts to us. It is a time when we demonstrate how much, not only that we need You, but how much we want You, a time we love to spend with… You. You look down on us Father, Your collection of souls down through the ages and those yet to come. May it be that You see Saints who love you, who walk in Your Ways, who depend on You and lean on You and bring every aspect of their lives to You to go over with them/us to guide and correct, to compliment and praise, to encourage and give grace, to reassure of Your closeness and Your certain coming. May our prayers…Father… be like sweet smelling incense, may they indeed be… Father… sweet smelling incense to You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,



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