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2nd Day Prayer - Praise You!

Father, we awake to this new day and join together in unity of spirit giving You praise and glory and honor, for You are awesome, our bright and pure and marvelous Light. Your signature is on the portrait of every good, painted in our daily lives. The goodness and healing, the sense of being valued and cared for that are within our power to extend to one another, all these have their origin in You. Who is like You Father!? There is no higher more perfect one to strive to be like, to be with, to be pleasing to, than You. We join our voices together and together with the animate and inanimate of Your making, the heavenly host… that and those we cannot see, and focus in unity on You and may it be a unity of harmony between us all. May it be the way we begin and work through every day. May You be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen.

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