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2nd Day Prayer - Our Light

We walk together bathed in Your bright light Father. And we shine. But the Evil one comes and positions Himself between You and one of Yours, seeking to block Your light. Yet though the shadows of trials and testing are cast onto Your child, Your light parts on either side, over and under, and bends back onto that straight path to Him.

Though it may be dark before him for a time the shadows are permeated with that light and “…even darkness like this is not too dark for You; rather, night is as clear as day, Darkness and light are the same.”

We thank You that with You and one another, we never face total darkness. You have dimmed the shadow in front of us, and behind and on every side, the luminaries who are our brothers and sisters around us, reflect where needed, the light You have given them. The Evil one moves on and once again one is in Your full light and now can fully shine into the life of another who faces shadows.

Have mercy Father. Comfort  and strengthen Your people Abba.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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