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2nd Day Prayer - Not Alone

Father, like children getting up and going to school every day, as adults, we get up, get ready and out the door we go. They had to leave. Parents could not be with them throughout the day. They walked out into a world apart from their Moms and Dads. But we don’t have to leave home and venture into the world by ourselves. We have You. We have Your Word and Your Spirit to accompany us. We are not alone or “unequipped” to deal with the world. Father in the same way You care for us and are protective of us may we also be caring and protective of the little ones and young ones, our own and those of others. May it be that they can feel safe with us. May it be they have a sense that we care for them. May it be that they see in our behavior that we do not dismiss or give little importance to their thoughts and ideas, to their feelings. May it be that our behavior towards them demonstrates our desire for their success, for meaningfulness in their lives and a willingness to aid in that. As they go out the door, into the world may it be that they don’t go alone anymore than we go alone, but that just as we know You care for us and are with us in Word and Spirit, they too would know, because we have treated them so they do know, we are with them and that that would give them confidence, and a sense that they are loved and valued regardless of what they encounter. Father may we be like You as fathers and mothers and older ones towards our little ones, our young ones. May we have Your wisdom and Your protectiveness and Your untiring selfless faithfulness in applying them to be good stewards of the lives of those You have created through us and placed in our care.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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