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2nd Day Prayer - Keep us Alert

Father, You have things for us to learn and things for us to do.

The many situations that come up in the course of each day are opportunities for us to apply what we have learned from Your Word, opportunities to copy You in the way we behave. May our hearts and minds be continually growing to be just like Yours.

Make us alert, quick and happy to be of aid. May we defer patiently to another who is in a hurry. May there be a quick prayer on our lips at the sounds and activity of emergency. When spoken to, may we give undivided attention. May it be our pleasure and skill to actively search for and see the good that people have in them. May we appreciate others and when we do may we express it to them. May we express love to our close ones in ways they recognize and appreciate.

Father, by Your power may we deflect a harsh word with a soft one. May we counter a despondent spirit with an uplifting one, a troubled or serious face with a smiling one, choose humor over complaint, bless a curser, from the heart.

Father may we see Your good. May we be vessels of it. May it flow freely and abundantly from us.

Father, may You be pleased and may You be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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