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2nd Day Prayer - In Your Time

What didn’t get done yesterday will get done today. And what doesn’t get done today will await us tomorrow. All things will work together for Your glory Father, in Your time, in Your will.

It is our prayer that what didn’t get done was not because of unwillingness to get involved, a running from Your prompting or substituting our will and time for Yours. If it was Father, please forgive. If it wasn’t Father, please grant us peace.

Our hope and our trust Father is that Your grace indeed “is not exhausted”, Your “compassion has not ended”, “On the contrary, they are new every morning!” You are good and Your grace continues forever.

Form in us Father, a desire to please You, strengthen our will and discipline not to run from a task, a need, but to engage to the extent we can and pride-less, in Your work ethic, search out assistance when we reach our limit, instead of walking away.

“How great is Your Faithfulness.” You never turn away or abandon. We just know it. May we become just like You.

Blessed are You Father.


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