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2nd Day Prayer - Guide Us Father

2nd day

You are the Great Creator Father.

You imagined and designed and gave substance and life, a use and purpose to it all.

And You created us and put it all in our hands to care for and be good stewards of, including one another.

We walk about under Your roof and eat, Father, from Your table.

We commit to probing Your Word to know what You like and don't like, and use that knowledge to conduct ourselves in a way that pleases You.

Father reward our probing. Sit with us and allow us to see as You show us little bits and pieces of what You have done and are doing and are going to do. Enable us to see the familiar as if it were for the first time and the new with delight and gratitude.

May we be, in Your presence, at ease and unguarded and may we be near.

May we be changed to be to others as You are with us, to approach and initiate with friendliness and interest, to see and value them just as You do.

This is Your world, it, and all of us.

Guide us Father to live in it as You would have us to.

And may we live in Your house forever and ever.

In Yeshua's name we love You and pray,


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