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2nd Day

Updated: Mar 20

Father it is a new day and life goes on as usual. So what will we do today? Whether momentous or minor we gather our issues and lay them before You.


“Father look, see here what …” No… wait… let’s not start that way… Maybe like this… Who is like You, full of loving kindness towards us and patience. To whom can we look, who can we speak to, no matter what the issue, freely, without having to couch our words or control our feelings, put on a face… but to You. You know us. There is no pulling the wool over Your eyes. And it’s a relief. We can honestly and heartfelt, say, “Thank You, Father, for Your patience, for Your willingness to listen, that we can trust You care and will not turn away. Who is like You Abba. You are good. We love You. We want to please You. Be near today… we pray.


In Yeshua’s name…




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