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2nd Day Prayer - Awareness of Others

Father, the world is full of troubles and hardships, no life escapes. At this moment Lord, some of us have rest from them or they are small… for a time, and we praise You for that.

But at this very moment others are actively engaged… in issues that are painful, bring discord, that can be, and for some are, destructive in their lives and there are those close to them and those farther from them that empathize, who seek earnestly to provide something that will make it all better, who are right there with them, actively engaged. There are battles Father, raging about us behind the smiling faces, the busy activity and superficial talk.

Father, how are we to handle this? Help us to get this right!

Enable us Father, to live in a balance between being aware of and moved by difficult, testing circumstances others are facing, and yet be able to experience freely, light heartedness and fullness of blessing in our own lives, without feeling guilt in some way.

Enable us to be sober and serious, entreat You from the heart, on behalf of those in difficult or troubled places yet be able to bring to the day a brightness and joy we have because of You.

Help us to understand that trials and blessings are both in this life for us to experience and that we are not required to sacrifice one for the other, that to experience each in its way or season does not make less meaningful one over the other.

Create in us hearts that engage appropriately in both states, sincerely and honestly. We depend upon Your Spirit within us to give us sensitivity and guidance, and to shape our nature to do just as You would and do.

We pray Father, that You would always be with us. Never leave us! For without You… what could we do? What would we do?

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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