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2nd Day Prayer

Father, what we learn as true and right in Your Word matches up less and less with what we see in the world.

Your voice is heard but Your calling and instruction rejected.

Instead man himself would be God and determine in his own mind what is true and right.

Apart from You Father and the way You define and do things, people make wrecks of their lives and the lives of others. Confusion and contention reign.

Out of chaos You created order. Now…here we are… rejecting order, Your order, and creating chaos.

We trust in You Father.

We know You keep us safe, who love You, and what our end will be.

But as we move towards that end Father, enable us to battle against the ways of this world that are openly against You and seek to separate us from You.

May we not be dismayed or disheartened into inaction because the issue or trouble we face seems too big for us to deal with.

Bring us to You, tell us what You want us to do and point the way.

When the battles go against us and we don’t see victory at hand may we, none the less, continue, because we know the battle ultimately is Yours.

Fill us with strength of body and strength of will to endure.

Father may Your joy and peace accompany and inhabit us through it all.

May all the world see… and You be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray…


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