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2nd Day Prayer

“…All the people we saw there were giant!...

To ourselves we looked like grasshoppers by comparison…

And we looked that way to them too!”


It is a new day Father and grateful we are You have blessed us with it.

We awake in the same circumstances that sleep provided some pause to and aware that the day may bring on even more to deal with.

We awake mindful of insufficiency in ourselves, Father… wisdom, finances, care, health, will, to name a few.

But we awake too knowing that You are near, have been and that You will accompany us… we are not alone… we need not simply assume the worst… or assuming the worst is true… that we are defeated.

So Father… encouraged by that reality, by the reality of You with us, and You are our sufficiency, it simply remains for us to take on what needs to be done.

Guide us into, and as we are in it, Your will for our thoughts and actions this day.

Grant us peaceful spirits as we work through this day, Father.

May we demonstrate the love You have for us, in its many facets, to our loved ones, friends and all Your created beings.

We love You… Abba Dear Father…


In Yeshua’s name we pray…




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