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2nd Day Prayer

Your business Father is business we want to be employed in.

In these days Father, the business at hand is that of furthering Your kingdom here on earth.

You offer a kind of Employer-employee covenantal relationship with You in which we agree to do as You direct for the purpose of achieving Your goals and You will reward each of us according to our works. You will be an employer who interacts personally and benevolently with each employee.

You hire us on and put us to work according to our talents and skills.

We start at entry level, knowing very little except that we want to be a part of what You do… whatever You do.

In time, through Your instruction and guidance, we become more and more useful.

Each department of Your organization Father, has its special purpose, and if we are prayerful and sensitive to Your guidance, each will be manned by those suited to that purpose and run in the fashion best suited to getting the job done.

The business at hand is to further Your kingdom. And there are many different physical ways to achieve that goal and many different people You employ to accomplish it.

Father… the prayer is that we have sought Your direction as to what You want us to do and how we are to go about that.

The prayer is Father, no matter what department of Your organization we are in or the type of system that department is run by… that our mindset and our heart, in the work, important or seemingly unnecessary, be for Your Glory Lord.

May we be attuned to Your will and responsive to Your guidance.

May we work together in harmony to accomplish Your purposes seeking to glorify You and not self.

May our actions prosper our labor… our example draw attention to You… Your Kingdom grow and grow.


In Yeshua’s name we pray,




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