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2nd Day Prayer

Father, we ask You what Your will is for us… Your will.

We envision, we imagine, we see a path.

Is it Your will?


When we pray, do we pray, with complete willingness to be obedient to “the what” and to “the how” of Your will even if it means changing or abandoning our will all together, maybe doing something differently?


Or do we pray, having made up our own minds already, interpreting that to be Your will… even when a thought/voice, we hurriedly pass by, is there with an uncomfortable question or two?


Has Your voice faded with each instance we put our own will ahead of Yours?


Father, that we would know You so intimately through Your Word and Your Spirit within us that there would be no confusion or uncertainty about Your will and no hesitancy or burdensomeness to being in it. Father, that it would be a sacrifice willingly and faithfully made… our will for Yours.


With each act of obedience to You, Father, may we become more and more immune to the confusion and upset this world’s waywardness causes.


May each act of obedience to You, Father, draw whosoever will, into Your will.


May each act of obedience to You, Father, stand as testimony that You are perfect and good… a lover of His created ones.


May each act of obedience to You, Father glorify You, we pray,


In Yeshua’s name,



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