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2nd Day Prayer

Children of the Living God are we.

“…How He loves us with great love

He who sits enthroned above…

For our lives He spilled His blood

Sent His Spirit like a flood…

Children of the Living God

Sing to the Living God…” Fernando Ortega

Children of the Living God… have we been?

As we look back over the year that has passed and examined the way we lived, can we judge that we have lived as children of the Living God?

Are there recollections, remembrances we can offer of walking in Your ways Father, living our lives in such a way that You would allow us to be a part of, include us in, Your plans and purposes for another year?

When the shofar sounds may we be reminded of a day that was, when we accepted and proclaimed You, our King, and of a day to come when it will herald us to You…

a Day on which books will be opened … books of remembrances… and the Book of Life.

May our names be found inscribed there in It…

You gather us to You…

that where You are…

there we may be also…


In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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