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Updated: Sep 1, 2023

We sons, of Your begetting… how fortunate we are.

Born into this world, we have in You not only the source of our lives but the One who is the perfect Father… the perfect teacher and example… protector and provider…

You neither abandon nor forsake… You are aware of and attentive concerning every aspect of Your children’s lives…

You do not lead astray…

You are patient… You forgive…discipline, correct, and reward… with the intent to work good in us… that we like You, might be able also to father our children to goodness…

and not only our own children but, as we strive to be like You… that we would be distant role models to the on-looking ones that watch and note from afar…

Father, You are perfect. We are not. In striving to be “good fathers” guide us, please.

Our words can be hurtful, our discipline can be out of proportion to the failing, and our expectations can be for our own gratification rather than their good. We can be long on critique and short on praise… we may deny affection and tenderness. We may leave them wondering if they are loved at all. We may be afraid… hard-hearted… or both.

May Your Spirit in us be strong to warn us of these mistakes and may we be wise enough to listen and correct our ways.

Grant then Father, that there be a spirit of forgiveness within our children’s hearts towards us when they do experience the error of our ways… May our mistakes and their disappointments in us, be few.

Guide us that we may be worthy of their honor Father… their respect and their love.

We honor and love and respect You… Good, Good Father.

In Yeshua’s name, we pray,



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