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2nd Day Prayer

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

May You be praised, Father… Creator, Master, Protector, Provider… Companion.

“Today is the second day of the sixth week of seven weeks.

Today is the thirty-seventh day of the counting of fifty days from the day of the waving of the Omer on the morrow after the Sabbath.”

We bless You Father and count the days and weeks.

We are thankful Father for these days that start with the joy of Yeshua’s resurrection and ascension, to the day Shavuot… the day when Your Spirit came down upon us to… indwell, be comfort and strength for us, aid us to understand Your Words of Life, to apply them to our lives…

that we might be well pleasing to You and…

glorify You.

In this short season, we can daily remember and commemorate that first season when You lead Israel out of Egypt and brought him to Your holy mountain, there to give Words of Life and make a covenant, in a way to brings to greater fullness covenant already established.

In that count from Egypt to Sinai, You provided daily bread from Heaven, gave rules, tested, and called on Your chosen to prepare themselves.

Then You revealed Yourself in a mighty way and they began a new phase as instruments to glorify You, reveal You to the world, to provide for its redemption.

We remember and commemorate Your raising Yeshua, removing, and leading Him out of… the grip of death.

We revisit the account of His appearances, rereading how He encouraged His disciples by His physical presence, and His words, to prepare with prayer and wait patiently and faithfully for power from on high… in those days between resurrection and Shavuot…

And on Shavuot, You again came down in a mighty way, Your Spirit to indwell all who would trust and obey…

again to refine and bring to greater fullness yet, covenant You made long ago.

May we, in the remaining days of counting Omer, offer up to You blessing, mindful that the days are numbered and use them, and all our days, to choose Your Words of Life, live them out obediently…

in preparation for that day when You will bring us to Yourself forever.

“Make me grasp, “Yehovah”, what my end must be,

what it means that my days are numbered…”

“But I, I trust in you … “Yehovah”;

I say, ‘You are my God.

My times are in Your hand;

Rescue me…”’

In Yeshua’s name, we pray,


Traditional blessing preceding the Biblical command to count the days and weeks from Pass Over to Shavuot: Leviticus 23:15-16, 21

Actual wording of the count from: “Nehemia’s Wall-“Counting the Omer”

Psalm 39:5(4) CJB

Psalm 31:15(14),16(16) CJB


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