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2nd Day Prayer

We pray Father, Your watch and safe keep, as this new day and week starts, over the travelers.

People get into and onto their vehicles, back out into the streets and onto the roads and highways that span every direction of neighborhood, community, and state across this country.

The roads, for the most part, empty through the night and swell with traffic as the day begins and people travel short distances and long.

Father, we pray for their safe departure and arrival as they make their ways from point A to point B.

Father may there be focus and attention to the ebb and flow of traffic, the closeness and speed with which it moves…

If things slow down, even come to a standstill, that there would be patience and courtesy…

Father that there would not be anger but forbearance instead when others drive poorly… whether it be unintentional, for we will need their goodwill at some point, or intentional because we ourselves have been guilty of that as well.

Father, we pray that the journeys be made without mishap and without breakdown.

May the travelers demonstrate, through their actions on the road, the fruits of the Spirit towards one another and that they would be in Your Peace as they go.

Carry them, Father… safely to each one’s destination and may You bless the purposes to which they travel… we humbly pray,

in Yeshua’s,



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