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2nd Day Prayer

“…ADONAI, God, took the person and put him in the garden of Eden to cultivate and care for it…” Genesis2:15 CJB

Father, may it be our heart’s desire to cultivate and care for the garden in which You have placed us.

Today and everyday may we sow seeds of cheerful words and helpful deeds into the lives of others.

May we sow, also, the good seeds of thoughtfulness and respectfulness and courtesy abroad as well.

May these seeds take root and bloom into a blessing to those on whom they fall.

May we sow from the good seed, that You are the source of.

May we do so faithfully day in and day out.

Father, thank You for another day in the field…

for another chance to work…

for a chance to sow seed that will beautify this garden…

and yield glory to You.

In Yeshua’s name we give thanks…


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