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2nd Day Prayer

Thank You for sleep…Father.

The moorings that bind us in our waking hours, to what occupies our minds and tax our bodies… they come undone and we drift away… into quiet timelessness.

Thank You for the waking moments…Father.

For moments between sleep and full wakefulness… of lingering in half dream, half reality…in which the tone for the day can be set.

Thank You for the bright light of day which gives clearer vision, a refreshed mind to which new possibilities come, and renewed strength to our bodies for whatever labors are at hand.

Father…in those moments we spend between waking and being awake may we look for… and You allow us to find… You there greeting us… and we greet You in return with a good morning … and a Thank You Father.

In those moments Father may it be our first prayer and expressed intention for the day, to do all we do with good in mind… good as You define it Father…

and that it would accomplish in us, and be a demonstration of, love for one another…

that our thoughts and words and actions might bring You praise and glory and honor… that which You Father… are worthy of.

We love You Father.

Please bless this good day.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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