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2nd Day Prayer

“…whoever had gathered much had no excess;

and whoever had gathered little had no shortage;

nevertheless, each person had gathered according to his appetite…” Exodus16:18 CJB.

In spite of what they thought their needs were… every morning when Israel went out to gather their daily bread…each ended up with just what they needed.

The hunger of the day was satisfied without waste or want.

They judged their needs by their appetites Father but in the end, You provided what they actually did need.

One day Father, maybe You will tell us stories of some who realized the miracle in that one simple daily act, then trusted and committed to just follow Your instructions without question from that time on.

For sure many had to learn through hard testing.

And for sure, it is no different today.

We don’t see now, as they did then, but we have Your Spirit that indwells.

We have Your Word that speaks of what You have done and what You are going to do.

We have greater knowledge and understanding of Your miraculous creation.

Yet we still fail to heed Your instructions, altering in some way what You give and then wonder why life is not so good.

And it’s no wonder. Our idea of trusting and obeying is that You will provide according to our judgment of what we need and want instead of trusting You to judge and decide what to provide.

We pray… “Thy will be done…” and question when our will is not.

Maybe Father, it is a question of will, whose will we are, or are not, willing to do and not so much an issue of sight, signs and wonders.

Our prayer Father is You would grant the gift of faith and that we would trust and obey You faithfully.

May we be blessed with sufficient provision Father … according to Your will…

May we be grateful… and…

May You be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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