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2nd Day Prayer 08-29-22

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Father, as we think about the day ahead, before we do anything, we take a moment to prepare ourselves.

We welcome the new day and give You thanks for it. In preparation Father, we ask for wisdom.

We ask for wisdom in our choice of words, that we communicate accurately what it is we are trying to say.

We pray for a heart of loving kindness and that the words we speak will carry with them that spirit when they are spoken.

Grant us a sensitivity, intuitiveness, the guidance of Your Spirit, concerning the character of those to whom we speak, so that we do not cause unintentional offense, and a quickness to clarify and apologize if we recognize that we have.

Attune our spiritual ear and enable us to sense beyond what we see or know. May we pay attention to what You are enabling us to hear and be careful.

And as we listen when others speak to us, enable us to hear what is said accurately and if there is question not to make assumptions but to ask.

Give us wisdom and understanding that You created variety of character in human beings and that there are differences in the way others speak and express thoughts and comments.

May the first thing we look for, couched in the words spoken to us, be good intent, good will.

May those be the first things we desire and couch in our words to others.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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