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2nd Day Prayer

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

We wake.

You whisper, “I’m giving you a day…

Now what are you going to do with it?”

Well Father… We’re going to get dressed and feed our bodies, then get about the work of the day we are committed to do.

“Got it all planned and figured out, do you?”

Father, we have a plan but we know You direct our path. In the end, who can say but You. That we do know for sure. So… in preparation for the day and whatever will come, there is this quiet time we spend prayerfully with You… we feed our spirit with Your Word and clothe our spiritual bodies with the armor You have provided.

Kind of see the tasks as merely circumstances which give us our chance to demonstrate Your attributes… as exercises for becoming more and more like You. They provide opportunity for us to be Your witnesses through word and action, and be blessing to others we share these circumstances with… and most of all, we desire they would be a means of expressing love for You, You’d find acceptable and pleasing.

It is difficult, so Father, the first thing we do, do with each new day You give…

is call on You to be guide and strength for body and spirit.

Thank You Father… so much.

We praise You and pray You would be glorified…

in Yeshua’s name…



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