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2nd Day Prayer

Father… the Deceiver whispers in our ears.

The forbidden fruit is a delight to the mind’s eye and its imagined pleasure a powerful lure.

The forbidden fruit, tasted, poisons though. Our spirit becomes ill even causing suffering, in one form or another, in our bodies, and in many cases shared with, or inflicted on, others.

Who of us has not experienced this Father?

Have we not all heard the voice of the Tempter and instead of refusing to pay attention, have taken a bit of a bite, lingered with a thought, sought pleasure or gain in it… nurturing it little by little till it had grown into a full blown fantasy, a sin of the mind that Your Son said is just as bad as the physical actions?

And which of us Father, have at times, not closed our ears to the Liar’s words and in a thoughtless moment of self indulgence, or thoughtful intent, progressed from fantasy to reality…in a lie of our own, false witness against a neighbor, thievery, infidelity, unkindness, impatience, maybe physical harm?

That decision was ours… was it not?

But in the beginning that was not how it was meant to be.

Change us Father… change us.

May we be so transformed then Father, that what You whisper in our ears is what becomes most desirable and pleasurable to us… so that it is quite obvious what is of the Evil One… so that we easily identify him, take his words captive and cast them away… instantly and without one ounce of longing or wistfulness what so ever...

May this transformation be the result of You enabling us to comprehend, to some degree, just how great Your love for us is and may it give birth, in our hearts, to great love… to be offered to You in return.

May we, in this love and its enabling power, endure successfully through all circumstances with Your peace and joy.

May You be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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