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2nd Day Prayer

Father, it is a new day… in a new year and we thank You that we are blessed to wake up and into this.

Your Word instructs that there is nothing new under the sun. And Your Word is there for us, from You, and useful as a reference and guide for every aspect of our daily lives.

But Father… we realize for us everything under the sun, at some point, is new and we really do want to get things right.

How we want to get things right Father is to make sound decisions, to conduct ourselves in a way that is pleasing to You in whatever circumstance we find ourselves… that our presence in this world will have left a mark of Your goodness behind.

Your Word is revelation of who You are and Your purposes, and it is an account of people past and their circumstances, how they applied or didn’t apply Your Ways… and the outcomes.

What You show us is nothing has changed. We each of us, have the same struggles of conscience and flesh and faithfulness as ever any one has, and it will be the same for those who follow.

Your Word makes us aware that we need You if we are to grow in and accomplish goodness of any kind.

You are the source.

We pray for wisdom to consult Your Word and Your Spirit to teach us the lessons to be learned there… and then the good common sense to apply them.

In all may You be glorified and we demonstrate love for fellow man.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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