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2nd Day Prayer 08-22-22

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Father, You have created us and the world we live in. There is nothing that has being, there is nothing at all, that is not a result of Your mind, Your heart, and Your power.

Father…open our minds to that truth. Reveal it to those who do not believe You exist, who dismiss the fleeting thought that You are real, who do not think about You at all, to those who search for explanations of what they see around them, everywhere except from You.

For those of us who do acknowledge this truth, that You are real and it is You who have created us and everything else simply for Your glory… and as living beings to be recipients of Your love… and to be loved by us in return… enable us to realize it and appreciate it stronger and stronger every day.

You are Good and You do Good.

Yours is not a rule of subjection and holding down and fear.

You are not distant, cold or cruel nor do You disregard or take us for granted.

You desire fellowship with us and we reach up to grab hold and pull down Your blessing upon us.

The world is hard, it is dark, but Your children are Yours, not its. You are Light that bursts forth and remains. We shine in union with You and push back darkness.

We rebuke darkness and expose those in it to Your Light. May they choose to remain in it.

We rebuke darkness and will push till You do away with it forever.

We are safe in Your hand.

Halleluyah! Halleluyah!

May rocks and leaves, stars and sky, waters above and below, all that has breath, our lips and tongues ever praise You… for You are Worthy!

We love You Father.

In Yeshua’s name, Who is our Praise, we pray,


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