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2nd Day - On Behalf of our Leaders

“God give the king Your fairness in judgment, Endow this son of kings with Your righteousness, So that he can govern Your people rightly And Your poor with justice… May they fear You as long as the sun endures And as long as the moon, through all generations. In his days, let the righteous flourish And peace abound, till the moon is no more…”  Psalm 71:1-2, 5,7 CJB

Father, to You who can do all things, the very source of good, we offer up this prayer on behalf of our leaders, those who aspire to be and we the governed.

From this day on Father, may Your Spirit be present, around us and in us, enabling our leaders and those who would be, to govern according to Your righteousness… the people they serve… rightly and justly.

May they abandon the tactics and words meant to distract from the rightness of issues, winning a victory instead by misleading, destructive attacks on those with whom they need to be united with for the common good.

In the end, when leadership has been established may they go to work daily with the mind set to work in harmony with one another to do their jobs well.

May we, those who are governed be rightly in fear of You always, of Your disapproval, of  Your chastisement, in fear of misrepresenting You and causing others to see little value in following after You.

May our leaders look and see in us our love for You and for one another and work to protect us and make possible  Your righteousness to flourish and Your peace to abound in our nation, in our communities, fellowships and homes.

Watch over us Father, we pray.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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