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2nd Day - New Day

Father, it is a new day for living in the world You created.

The bad exists and flourishes right alongside the good but just because it does, that doesn’t mean we should abstain from honoring You and doing good. If that were so Father, this world would be all darkness.

We wake Father to the day You have made and regardless of what those on a different path declare and do in that same time, we are focused on You. We honor You and praise You. We do not divide or share Your honor and praise with anyone or anything else. And we do so in the time and way You have created for us. Every day is an appropriate day for so doing.

We thank You Father that you have given us the days of our lives, the wondrous and beautiful creation in which and whom Your “eternal power and” Your “divine nature are seen, for Yeshua, living and dying and living, that we might have a Way to You, for Your Word and Spirit to accompany us, encourage and guide us.

We thank You that we have the fellowship of one another and You are forming in us hearts for one another and all Your created living souls.

We thank You for the peace and assurance and the sure hope, walking this path with You gives us.

We begin this new day praising, You alone, and declaring to You “We love You Father, thank You for Yeshua, thank You Yeshua. We and all creation declare Your glory.”

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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