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2nd Day - Motives

Father, we pray that our motives for what we say and do be to bring attention to You and not to ourselves,

May our ambition be to win Your recognition and favor.

May we glory in giving You glory, seeing and hearing You acknowledged as being worthy of praise and being praised.

May it be the intent of our hearts and minds to be like You and represent You well each day of our lives.

When we miss the mark Father, may we be convicted by Your Spirit, and Your Word be a witness against us and an instruction to correct us.

So be it we suffer the guilt and shame of having fallen short but may we not remain in that pit defeated but accept and trust in the forgiveness you promise to a repentant heart and renew the battle against what You have revealed to us about ourselves.

As we are forgiven Father, may brother forgive brother and remembrance of harm be forgotten.

We depend on You Father. We hold on tightly to You.

Heal, Father, quiet and calm us. Protect and keep us safe in body and spirit. Provide for our needs Father. Strengthen our minds with Your knowledge and our wills to do Your will. Give our bodies the strength to do our labor. Tender our hearts towards one another, may our love for You and each other grow and grow.

May You be praised and glorified and pleased.

In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen.

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