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2nd Day - Meeting with You

Father, this prayer is for You. This time is Yours. Everything that is to come this day will have to wait till this meeting is over. Before our minds become occupied with plans and activities, with the parsing up of  time and goal setting, we offer up the first fruits of the day to gazing into Your Word and giving it a chance to speak to us without our interference. We begin by being quiet before You, offering You the first word, lingering just a bit longer and waiting before charging into the day. Thank You Father. You are mighty and gracious. You are Good.

We trust in Your Goodness. In it we experience confidence and assurance and peaceful hope. Let the day bring what it may.

As we go Father, may it be our purpose and may we do things in a way that is meant to accomplish Your will and do so in a way that honors You.

Father, we pray You would rain down upon this entire earth, healing for the sick, mending of broken bodies Father, comforting and calming of anxiousness and fearfulness in us.

Father, give us clarity of thought, wisdom and simple common sense, in dealing with the work at hand no matter how important or insignificant the task may be.

May there be a spirit of helpfulness and easy, natural kindness in our interactions with one another.

As we engage in problem solving, individually, as a nation and as a world Father, may we focus on the problems themselves and on their roots Father, and be united in a common effort to determine the truth of a matter and to fix things for the good of all involved,

May we sweeten the waters of discussion with kindness, patience and self control, those same waters that are so often dirtied with the bitterness of accusations, fault finding and blame laying.

And in the process Father, as we discover too, ours and other’s shortcomings may we be willing to admit them, repent of them and be equally willing to both seek and to extend forgiveness.

It is our prayer this morning Father that Your Word and Your Spirit in us would be strong and ever present, by them Father, You would hold our hands and we would walk through this day and everyday… Your glory, and ours as well Father, glory that in Your graciousness You bestow.

On You we depend for all these thing.

We want to have… for You…and one another… a love that is true and sincere.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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