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2nd Day

“I have learned to be content regardless of circumstances…’


“…I have learned the secret…”


A roof overhead, dry from the rain, warm against the cold, cool against the heat…

Food in the cupboard, resources to meet obligations, extra for ourselves and to share…


“…of being full… of having abundance…”


The greatest part of resources expended for simple shelter and adequate food, putting aside what is absolutely not a need, not enough for self let alone for others…


“…of being hungry... of being in want…”


Contentment in all circumstances is possible believing, trusting that…


“…[we] can do all things through Him who gives [us] power.”


Father, may these not be words only, spoken to ourselves or to others we would encourage in their own circumstances.


May they be words expressing heartfelt faith and trust in Yeshua, accompanied by actions.


May your Word spoken, coupled with actions in trust, gain for us and for those we encounter along the way… Your power and the reality of being content regardless of circumstances.


In Yeshua’s name we pray,




Philippians 4:11-13    CJB

James 2:15-16 CJB


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