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2nd Day

Father, how good it is to come together in fellowship with one another and with You.

We assemble Father, like-minded in desire to worship You, to honor You corporately, and corporately to hear Your Word, to learn and understand its meaning… so that individually we know we are doing right before You, and so we might aid another in similar circumstances to accomplish the same goal.

Thank You, Father, that You teach us through one another. Thank You that brothers and sisters in the faith are constantly searching to know the meaning of Your Word and how it applies to the immediate and to the future. Thank You that as we share the understanding You have given to each in our individual circumstances, for the lights of understanding that will come on for those of us who see but only partially, who have words, but not quite the right words.


Father, thank You, we have fellowship with You and with one another.

May we continually work to understand You and Your Ways…

To help each other to that end… listening to Your voice through each other’s.

Thank You for the joy Father, to be had, in loving one another.


Glory to You.


In Yeshua’s name, we pray



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