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2nd Day Prayer

Updated: Jul 11

“My son, heed the discipline of your father,

And do not abandon the teaching of your mother;

They will be a garland to grace your head,

A medal of honor for your neck.”    Proverbs 1:8-9 CJB


Father, there are times and circumstances that bring to mind words of perspective, words of commentary and certain actions on their part that Mom and Dad said and did when we were kids. Through them they intentionally and unintentionally taught us. We looked and listened and learned.

They are resurrected to life for brief moments from time to time in our own circumstances, and we hear again their words or see in our minds their actions. We repeat their words and actions… sometimes for good and sometimes reenacting ourselves, the “not so good”.

Whatever the memories though Father, they certainly made an imprint on us, positive and negative… which we can use in our own lives for better or worse… our choice.


Father… it is a comfort we gain in being secluded with You, privately sharing the thoughts of our hearts, knowing that You, who knows all… listens… no matter our skills of communication…

You know and grant… importance to You… to what is on our minds.

There is a sense of complete safety as we completely open our hearts to Your gaze.


In varying ways and to varying degrees Mom and Dad taught and exercised us for a time when they would no longer be near.


Thank You Father that when Mom and Dad come to mind there are memories that convey we children were loved and protected and that knowledge we gained from hearing them and watching them, good and bad, is all valuable for us now to consider in our decision making and actions…for all we should or shouldn’t do.

As we offer our prayer of thanksgiving and beseeching Father we confess an understanding that we as Moms and Dads and those of us who have a like influence, are not perfect, but we desire that when the memory of us comes to our children later on, that the good we intended and sometimes did, outweighs the “not so good”, that the things we taught intentionally or unintentionally, be of good use to them and came somehow out of love…

that they and we will experience again, in memory, the soft comfort and tenderness of Mom’s love… the wave of warmth from the touch of a Father’s arm around our shoulder even when hard words and discipline are involved.

And if these are not the exact memories, Father, we have or have tried to make… that You will grant such from the past, something only You could do, and guide us please to make such for the future… now… while there is still time and opportunity.


You are so good… Abba Dear Father…

Oh.. Father…that we could be like You.


In Yeshua’s name we humbly, and with great gratitude and gladness pray…




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