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2nd Day

We read in Your Word an instruction, a command. It’s not hard to understand the why in some cases but in others we may wonder. It’s not clear. There must be a reason? All things are not explained out. Some questioning can be answered by digging deeper. Maybe some things Father, are not to be answered at all in this lifetime.


May our curiosity and questioning as to “Why?”, be driven by a desire to know Your mind, Your heart, to know You more intimately, to know You experientially.


May our questioning and searching out the answer not be for the purpose of deciding for ourselves whether or not to be obedient.


Do You not get glory from concealing a thing?


Are You not glorified by the efforts of Your children to know You?


May our “Whys?”, our seeking to know Your reasons, spring from minds and hearts that long to “Know You”, completely and perfectly.


You are the source of every good and perfect gift Father.


We give You praise and glory and honor…


In Yeshua’s name…




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