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2nd Day

Father, we thank You for Your set-apart times.  You know us, Father.  We are Your children and we love You.  But we get distracted.  You know this and so You set aside special times, gather us to You so that we can refocus our attention on You, be reminded of all You have done for us, and be revived.


Thank You Father for these days of Passover and Unleavened Bread which have now passed but because of, we are refreshed and inspired anew.


You created a redemption plan for bringing Your created beings back into intimate fellowship with You.


We see it in its earliest stages, as You redeem Israel out of bondage through Moshe, and we see how it was a pattern for an all-inclusive more complete redemption through Your Son Yeshua.


So we have indeed devoted our thoughts, been moved to tears, when considering the unfathomable pain and suffering Yeshua submitted to, innocent and perfect Son of God enduring shame and the wrath of Father God… that we might not have to.


All it takes is a little time and intentional, detailed contemplation during the days You have set aside for us, for just that purpose.


Father, thank You for this set-apart time and all Your set-apart times… that allow for the reviving and strengthening and nurturing of our fellowship with You.

We do so need it.


In Yeshua’s name, we pray,




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