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2nd Day

“…were heaven’s praises silent in those hours of darkness?”


Once long-ago innocent life emerged into darkness… of night and the world, to the accompaniment of angelic song and praise.

From the light of heaven into the darkness of worldly night… He brought with Him gifts of hope and joy. What a glad time Father.


Time flows and infant becomes Your fullness in a man, healing, comforting, instilling gladness and hope… and showing the Way. And surely heaven’s praises joyfully continued.


Is there a kind of praise that can be offered up that is glorifying but not joyful? What would that look like Father?  Or, is there a time when the sound of Your praises fall silent?  Did such a time take place when the spirit of life left the human form of Your son…and darkness fell across the earth? Was heaven silent?  Was heaven silent those three days and nights in the darkness of the tomb?


There are times Father when we, Your children, are in bad places, or struggling to overcome the power of some dark influence and we try to gather our strength and lift up praise to You.  And it isn’t in a spirit of joy that we praise in the pain of afflicted bodies, in times of anger at others, in seasons of uncertainty. No, the spirit is one of confrontation…


In times like these, we do not go silent. We confront, casting praise into the face of the enemy and our hard circumstances, trading blows with the enemy who wants to take away our joy and our hope through these circumstances... the fighting back, with praise, strengthens and lifts.


No Father. We don’t believe heaven’s praises went silent. They may have been lifted up to You through anger at the darkness or, maybe through a spirit of having been offended but their praises would have conveyed victory, knowing that all was in Your hands and that You would work all to good. 


So may we, in all circumstances, use praise to confront and do battle when times are hard and the spirit of joy is not there. May the desire to glorify You be greater, become strength and joy.


And may You be glorified.


We pray in Yeshua’s name…




“The Wonder of Your Cross”

Written: Bob Thiele, George David Weiss, George Douglass

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