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Minchah Prayer

Father… the promptings of Your Spirit can be so fleeting… our minds focused on one thing, the voice of Your Spirit… an almost inaudible presence in the background… so easily misinterpreted to being “not that important” and then gone… at least for the moment… if we are fortunate.  Or there may be no misinterpretation at all, but a very real understanding that to listen… may result in our having to set aside, maybe deny ourselves altogether, the contemplations, the actions, of what we are focused on.


The problem Father… is there is a point isn’t there, and if we are honest, we know it… beyond which that Voice fades, maybe disappears.  We play the game of indulging ourselves up to a limit that we think is not too far and from which we are confident, but really just gambling, that You will overlook our “temporary disregard” as You are trying to get our attention. We console ourselves and have peace in the moment that we will do better the next time.  But that “temporary disregard” can become a continuous, dangerous pattern of behavior in which we feel we can mix the “unclean” with the “clean” to gratify ourselves and without need of restraint or fear of actual consequence.


We know what we are doing Father… we honestly know … but we continue to push the limits with this little mind game…  How foolish Father, no?  Where is the fear in the moment of those inclinations?  Where is the moment of “No! … I love You and to please You is higher pleasure, the pleasure I choose over the imagined, the product of my own understanding”?


Father… that we would be constantly on the alert for Your Voice and have such a sensitivity to it that no matter how captivating the allurement of the moment, “It” would capture our attention and we would stop… listen… receive the council… and follow directions.


And may submitting our will to Yours be an act of heartfelt love Father that is far more desirable to us, and gratifying, than anything we might imagine we have denied ourselves.


May our love of You be our shield and weapon to win and protect glory to You.


In Yeshua’s name, we pray…




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