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2nd Day

“Where can I go to escape your Spirit?

Where can I flee from your Presence?”    Psalm 139 CJB


A strange choice of words Father: escape… flee.

Was David considering his options if he chose to do something that would be displeasing to You... counting the cost… so to speak?

If he loved You so… why would he even ever want to escape, flee… to hide, in a sense, from You.


Maybe he feared falling short and was reasoning with himself how foolish that would be… for after all… there is no darkness into which You can’t see, no place too far for You to reach, no secret thought You do not know.


Maybe it scared him so he asked You to examine him and know his heart…

test and know his thoughts…

to find anything hurtful…

and lead him from it…


Yet in another place, he speaks of the number and depth of Your thoughts, how You work wonders… is in wonderment at the beauty and intricacy of man, created in the womb, wonderfully and awesomely made… from a thought in Your mind to physical form, days allotted and set.


He speaks of how Your hand is upon him… to lead him and hold him fast.


What was his heart Father… calculating, fearful, awestruck?


Maybe a little of all these but maybe mostly awestruck, trusting, and in love with You.


Maybe it was with gladness that he contemplated the idea that it was impossible to escape or flee You, the question a rhetorical one, the answer already known… to his great joy.


What a picture of intimacy Father. Was it during moments of privacy between the two of you, out under the stars, he “reclining, his head upon Your breast”… that these thoughts took verbal form and were shared with You?


Father, that we too would pursue such moments as these… “recline, our hearts on You”, speak our words… offer our worship… in gladness knowing there is no escaping or fleeing You… and that it matters not to us… for there is no desire to anyway.


Thank You… Abba Dear Father…


in Yeshua’s name, we pray…




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