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Announcements & Prayer Requests


10 LOST TRIBES – Tom Bradford’s five-part teaching continues through June 8.

SAVE THE DATE – June 15. Shavuot (Pentecost) Celebration.  Additional information, RSVP & Feast-worker volunteer sign-up coming soon.

PRAYER WORKS – Prayer Request cards are located on the desk in the rear of the Sanctuary for those who would like The Seed Family to pray.  You may also contact us at

THE SEED UPDATES – Let us know if you want to be included in our text/email blasts by completing a “Stay up-to-date with The Seed” card at the Welcome desk, or, email us at

HOLYLAND MARKETPLACE – Buy More, Save More!  You support Israel when you shop at and in the store at The Seed which is open Monday through Friday, 9-5.

SHABBAT SERVICE - Saturday at 10:30 AM. The service is followed by Oneg (fellowship meal). Please bring a dish to share.  Drinks and dessert are provided.


TORAH CLASS – Saturday at 1:00 PM    

MEN’S BIBLE STUDY – Mondays at 7:00 PM
WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY - Tuesdays at 10:00 AM


- 6:30 PM

Prayer Requests

At The Seed, we believe in the power of prayer and the importance of supporting one another through difficult times. Below is a list of prayer requests from our community. Please join us in lifting these individuals and their families in prayer.

Pray for Israel:

  • Comfort for the families of Israel's fallen and hope for those whose loved ones are among those still held hostage by Hamas.

  • Protection over Israel's soldiers, those fighting both above and below ground inside Gaza as well as those fighting on Israel’s other fronts. Please pray for supernatural strength & refreshment for our soldiers.

  • The protection of the residents under fire in southern Israel, and residents of the north who have not been evacuated.

  • Protection over Jewish people worldwide.

  • Wisdom for Israeli top brass as they face difficult decisions regarding continuing operations in the Gaza Strip.

  • Continued wisdom for Israel’s security forces to prevent attackers from carrying out their plans, especially in the Judea & Samaria region.

  • Pressure on Hamas to release the hostages and supernatural protection over them in captivity. For the rescue of additional hostages and for the success of negotiations for the hostages’ release.

  • For deterrence against Iran & Hezbollah, and the restoration of calm on Israel’s northern border.

  • Wisdom and unity in Israel’s political and military spheres. For leaders to choose Israel’s good over their own political interests.

  • For determined action against anti-Semitism throughout the world.

  • For the Body of Messiah throughout the world to wake up and take a stand for God and for Israel.

  • Funding for our continued work through "Operation Restoration" to support evacuated Israeli families.

  • God's provision for civilians in the line of fire, especially in northern Israel, who would like to evacuate.

  • The people of Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and the rest of the Arab world to awaken to the truth and come to know the God of Israel.

  • The LORD's peace to rule over our land and in the hearts of all in Israel and for Israel to come to know her Messiah!


Praise Report


Joan Cooner – Thank you, Father … for all the blessings You have bestowed upon us, and the troops in Israel!


Prayer Requests


Lori Lee – Thank you for praying!  Gary has one more immunotherapy appointment (Friday, May 17).  Also, thank you for continuing to pray for reconciliation with, and salvation for our daughter, Jessica.


Maria Figueroa – Please pray for Sheila who has just received a breast cancer diagnosis; for healing & wisdom for her medical teams.  Gloria begins chemo for cancer.  Ralph is undergoing chemo for cancer.  Max & Tony have cancer.  Please pray for healing & salvation for all … in the name of Yeshua!  Crista & Hector are abusing drugs.  KHT – military in Jordan & for protection & salvation & his family.


Genell Thompson – Health & strength!  Recently received a cancer diagnosis.


Lenny & Varda – We are still preparing for the sale of our house.  Please pray for Abba to help us during this transitional time, and that He provide for our basic monthly needs until the house is sold.


Dena Pedersen - Please lift up my son Dane in prayer; that the Lord would deliver him from addiction and send good people who love the Lord into his life.


Ava – Having trouble breathing.  She will be undergoing deviated septum surgery in August.  Please pray for comfort, an earlier option for the surgery, and that her doctors make wise, biblical decisions.
Rick & Joan – Rick is to have a bone marrow biopsy on May 20 to see why his hemoglobin & red blood cells are dropping.  Pray for the healing & stability of his existing cancer cells.


Kyong Lawson – Pray for Faith & Elijah during their separation/divorce … that Father God guard and heal their hearts.  Wisdom to homeschool and be the mom I need to be.  Prayers for God’s provision with finances & finding a new home.


Dawn Segura – Prayers for my family's salvation.  Also, for our oldest son, Luis … that The Lord would convict him so that he would come to know Him & be healed.


Vicki Stoughton – Traveling mercies, wisdom & protection for Tesa.  The next two weeks will be a challenge for Stephen who will be caring for two children … God’s mercy & power!


Tim McFadden – Healing.


Bill Stoughton – A longtime friend, Keith Curry, is experiencing a mental block regarding a relationship with The Father.  He is refusing to hear the Truth.  God’s favor & guidance for Manuel who lost his job & is seeking employment.  Continued prayers for The Seed Family & Israel.


Abner – For the healing of my body.


Josh I. – For my sister to finish high school… the last few weeks have been taking a toll on her.


Joe Bierman – For Jeff Hall’s healing of cancer.


Page Wester – For my family as we process the loss of two loved ones this month, for Israel, for peace in Jerusalem, and for Yeshua to come quickly.

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