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There Is A Scripture 05-13-22

“…Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen…” Hebrews 11:1 AKJV

So…looking up some words:

Faith 4102 pis-tis useage: faith, belief, trust, fidelity, faithfulness

From 3982 peitho persuaded, be persuaded, come to trust

God’s divine persuasion, distinct from human belief (confidence), yet

involving it.

Substance 5287 a support, substance, steadiness, assurance.

An underlying: confidence, assurance, a giving substance or reality to, or a guaranteeing, substance, reality.

Hope 1679 el-pid-zo to expect, to hope for.

Expect, trust.

Actively awaiting God’s fulfillment about the faith (divine persuasion) He

has inbirthed in us.

Evidence 1650 el-eng-khos a proof, possibly a persuasion, reproof.

Inner conviction focuses on God confirming His inbirthing of faith.

This verse has always been difficult for me to speak in different words and in the use of the word “hope” conveyed to me a sense of uncertainty… not certainty.

However, hope here seems to express expectation of something we will, without doubt, have at some point.

We can be sure, certain, because God has granted faith, divinely persuaded us beyond human belief and we trust that it is so…by His power… (I can’t explain it. I just know it is so). He helps us along that way.

Substance is confidence, a giving reality to “things”, Those things, not being seen, are evidenced through the given reality.

“Faith… (God given, divine persuasion. He provides)…

is the substance… (a given reality )…

of things hoped for …(things we wait in expectation of, that are guaranteed)...

the evidence… (the test of or proof of)…

things not seen.”

Or, maybe,

Faith is two things.

It is both a reality given to…

and also…

evidence or proof of…

things… things not seen… or yet received…


we can trust in and wait expectantly for.

Wish I could do better.

Father…thank You for the gift and enablement of faith, which though spiritual is never the less very real and effectual.

It is only by this, Your gift to us, we are able, living within the confines of this physical existence, to know You, to know the love You have for us and to live in fellowship with You.

May we grow stronger daily in our faith.

May we not be ones who after having “…received the knowledge of the truth… sin willfully…

trodding underfoot the Son of God”…

and find ourselves in a place where…

“there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins…”

Thank You Father for faith that sustains us and keeps us safe in the here and now and may we remain in it faithfully as we look afar off to the promises yet to be receive.

In it grant peace and joy Father and may You be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


May God’s love be in us all.


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