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Casting our votes....

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

“…there is no authority that is not from God, and the existing authorities have been placed where they are by God…” Romans 13:1 CJB.

This November we will go to the poles and cast our votes for who we want as our next president.

If we really believe that it is God who puts people into their positions of authority then what’s the point in each of us casting a vote? Have the election. Let those who want to vote…go ahead and vote. God will place into power who He wants. My vote doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things anyway?

Whose scheme of things are we referring to? And what is the scheme?

If we are believers in Jehovah God and we dedicate ourselves to live in faith and obedience then we study His platform, examine His vision for our lives, now and for the future. We consider His track record. And we align ourselves, identify ourselves, cast our vote through the way we live…for Him. That’s first.

With regard to the choices we have in man’s government, the varying platforms, visions and track records out there, we are to take part and make choices. And we can do so by comparing and choosing what most closely aligns with Him. It’s part of the work of being good stewards of what He has put us in possession of. It’s a way to mirror Him to the world.

The critical thinking regarding what we are presented with by our would be leaders, the careful consideration of the moral compatibility with God’s ways that the runners incorporate into their visions, plans and platforms… then voting accordingly… that’s what’s important. That’s what reflects our heart. The outcome, who wins, the consequences are not what matters. God’s will will be done now and in the end. Our job, for now, is to be at work in-between, till then.

I think that’s the scheme then and it’s His scheme. And it is a scheme that includes each and every single person who has ever lived, lives now and will live. And each of us will give an accounting of our part in it one day.

So….Is He going to find us at work… representing Him no matter the task at hand… when He returns?

Father… it is a great relief that You are the One who positions authorities into where they are. It means that You are moving things in the direction You want them to go.

It is Your plan for good and Your ability to bring it about that will be achieved.

If in the process, whether things are bad or good, we have the comfort of knowing that no matter who our worldly leaders are, these will pass but You are forever. You are the One who makes things right.

And life with You will be flawless.

May Your Spirit be ever with and within us Father… we pray… and so in unity with You, may we be found laboring in this life, good and faithful servants… Oh Son of Man… when You come.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


May God’s love be in us all.


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