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There Is A Scripture 04-29-22

There is a premise in some vampire tales that he/it cannot come into your home unless he is invited. Now an invitation can be had through deception on the vampire’s part and the object of his interest may be unaware of his true intent but it results in an invitation all the same. Once in the scales fall away and the true intent of the invited guest is realized.

In some cases upon realizing the outcome if allowed to go further a cross griped firmly in hand and raised up between the beast and the man drives that evil back and out.

But in some cases there is no cross, nothing else works to defend and drive away. The life of the victim is forfeit.

We go home go in our houses and close the doors. We think we are isolated and safe from whatever is going on outside those walls. We can take a breather.

But in fact while we move about in our houses or lie sleeping, the world outside those walls is not asleep at all. There are things actively in progress going on without ceasing, seeking that invitation to come in, and just because we are in time out doesn’t mean we are isolated and safe.

Picture sitting in your living room and viewing a video on your cell, something interesting like building a place in the woods by a clear, cool, running stream. So periodically throughout the video there are ads that pop up and though limited in time or your own choice as to continue watching, they are still there before you and you are given a sort of flavor designed to appeal.

It’s a knock at the door. It’s a request to be invited in.

Sure…some of them are innocuous enough, enticing us with wonderful stuff and free money… We can recognize and filter through that easy enough…Skip and back to the video.

But other stuff is available. Short trailers pop up with brief suggestive content both in real life format and in animation. Not much…just enough…like a sniff of fresh coffee on the morning air can suggest something pleasurable, they whet the appetite for something offering pleasure as well.

There is no escape from exposure:

“…I pray not that Thou shouldest take them out of the world…” John 17:15 AKJV

and in all temptation there is a smooth, quiet voice whispering, to vestiges of the flesh we continually battle, “Surely this has in it just good for you”, seducing through the gratification of the senses into partaking.

“…”but that Thou shouldest keep them from the evil…” John 17:15

So the scales begin to fall away.

The Spirit of God stirs, the Word gives clarity and holding them up between the intruder and ourselves we can drive the evil away.

We are always vulnerable and in need of being alert.

And in the face of enticement we need to have sound minds and discipline for dealing with those things that are seductive in and a way that seems to us right, but in them are destruction and death.

Be careful brothers and sisters.

Father we thank You that though we live in a world of possible pitfalls You will guide our steps and protect us from failing You.

Make Your Spirit be continually and strongly in us and may we heed…

That we may have life…

And You may be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.



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