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There Is A Scripture - Health

Know what placebo is? The dictionary defines it as “…a substance containing no medication and given merely to humor a patient…”--  American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.

So someone has a complaint about a physical condition, their body, flesh, is talking to them, and the physician prescribes a pill that has no medicinal benefit, physically speaking. The patient takes it and their body, flesh, quiets down.

I’m not for sure how science explains that from a physical standpoint but believing in a spiritual world and very real manifestations of it in our physical being, I see an exercise of faith here. It’s worldly but it works.

And it says to me that not all physical maladies are the result of some physical source but many have their origin in a certain state of mind or, or maybe spirit.

And this doesn’t have to do with just negative effects, but, I believe, also have to do with positive effect like energy and strength of body that doesn’t tire, interest and excitement that manifests in a feeling of wellness and health, as well.

The point is that chemical substance is not a cure for spiritual ailment. And curing the spiritual ailment can many times be the cure for the physical ailment as well. And if not cure the physical, enable living with it, with the hope in us that is a comfort.

It’s a question of what we target and what we take for the pain.

One can try to fool the body into thinking it is getting better or well and it may work for awhile. But that relief is temporary because though the power of faith to heal is real, it has to be in something or someone that goes to the source, whose cure is permanent.

Remember the scripture in Hebrews that speaks of sacrifices before were offered daily for atonement but that now with our great High Priest at the right hand of God, interceding, our Physician, our Healer, a one- time dose cures completely and forever?  In a way it is a pattern comparing the placebo that addresses a symptom, repetitive and ongoing, with the cure that is permanent. In a way it is dependence on physical actions done repetitively that do not cure vs. trust in a power that goes to the root and cures the source of our ailments.

The medicine is faith in Yeshua and daily doses of His Word; trust and obedience to it is the supplement for maintaining health and wellness.

There is a scripture that speaks to that health and wellness for our bodies and minds.

“My son, don’t forget my teaching, keep my commands in your heart; for they will add to you many days, years of life and peace…   Proverbs 3:1-2 CJB

…Don’t be conceited about your own wisdom; but fear ADONAI, and turn from evil. This will bring health to your body And give strength to you bones….”  Proverbs 3:7-8 CJB

Father, grant us discernment regarding our health, the real source of our pains and joys whether they are spiritual or indeed physical.

You are the source of all healing Father, and the source of all joy and well being. We acknowledge and trust that You are not trying to humor us when we cry to You about our circumstances but that it is Your desire and You are able, to cure our very real ills, spiritual as well as physical.

We trust in You, keep Your Ways, fear and love You. Strengthen us to do so. Give strength to our bones Father, years of life and peace.

And we  give You glory and praise and thanks.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


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