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Mincha Prayer 07-21-21

Father… You know the end from the beginning… You always have.

It was in Your heart to create companions upon whom You could lavish Your love and by whom You would be loved in return.

And You knew, from the beginning, that there would be those who would reject You and Your ways and that many, out of those You created, would doom themselves in so doing.

Yet, knowing this… You created us all… anyway, and from the beginning have continued to reveal Yourself to us… provided instruction… and the aid we would need to apply those instructions to our lives successfully… in deeds…yes… but also from a heart of love.

How hard it is to do acts of love… with a heart that loves… to involve ourselves with others in whatever way You prompt, and do so as You do so…knowing full well the good that is meant may not be appreciated or achieved…yet to do the work anyway… because You care…and so we care too.

Father, You are perfect and You know the minds and hearts of us all…

We have no such power.

The pure motive of Your heart, is flawed in us by our flesh and in our efforts to do Your will… too much of self can get in the way and create an adversary of the one You want us to help, to be an encouragement to. We say things or word things in a way that can be perceived as…or actually is at times… accusatory or condemning. Assuming we have complete knowledge and understanding we speak beyond what we actually do see and know.

So that Your purposes can be presented through us and perceived as a good by another Father… anoint our contact and words and actions with Your wisdom and spirit of caring… to bring about willingness, in them, to consider what could be… as opposed to what is.

Grant us patience in ministering to one another and a sense of commitment that extends beyond the moment.

Help us to understand and accept that choices offered can be offers rejected, that the potential for change may not be realized each and every time You use us.

Help us to trust and take heart that You see deeper into a person and see the complete truth of them…and us…and so never to become downhearted because things don’t appear to us the way we think they should.

May we be content and have peace and joy in doing as You direct and trust everything else into Your hands.

For there is hope and motivation in not knowing the end from the beginning.

We love You, just and merciful Abba Dear Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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