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Elder's Prayer - Thanksgiving

Father, there is not a day that goes “bye” even a moment, that is not a day or moment for offering up prayers of thanksgiving to You. “Always be joyful”, You say. “Pray regularly”, You say. “In everything give thanks, for this is what God wants…” You tell us. “…Offer thanksgiving as your sacrifice to God…” “…Whoever offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice honors Me…” May our thanksgiving be more than a spoken expression of heartfelt gratitude for blessing. May it be, and form our nature to be so… we pray Father… that we would have within us a nature and a spirit of thanksgiving pleasing to You, with which we receive and face each day and with which we deal with every circumstance, be they happy or sad, easy or hard. Thank You Father, that we can lay before You, and You will relieve us of, the weight of the concerns and fears we have for our loved ones, for others in their own circumstances, for our community and the world we live in, for these things weigh on us Father. We do so trusting and knowing, accepting and thankful, that You will work it all to good. It lightens our load and now we have strength and confidence to face the day and do so correctly and pleasing before You. Thank you for the blessings, the provisions, the loving kindnesses, the beauties of Your creation, the plans You have for us, for the gift one another, for the blessed hope, for Your unfailing, indestructible love for us, for all the joyful and good that is of You. May this spirit of thanksgiving in us serve as a reminder and a conviction whenever circumstances distract and blind, whenever we drift away from You, whenever we fade into apathy. May it rekindle our love for You and draw us back to You. Thank You Father and we give thanks and we strive to be of a thankful nature, in it, “always be joyful.” May our continual gift and sacrifice of thanksgiving to You be honor and glory to You. To the Most High, the Mighty and Pure, Holy and Good, we love You and give You thanksgiving, in Yeshua’s most lovely and treasured name, Amen. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 CJB Psalm 50:14,23 CJB


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