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Elder's Prayer - Rescue Me!

Father, in the strength of our own knowledge and wisdom we try to live our lives and then when things fail or fall apart we are crying and pleading to You for rescue. Somewhere back there, Father, when we could have followed Your instructions we did not and things did not turn out well. As if it were a mystery we ask You Father, “How did things get this way and what can be done to fix them? Why? Rescue us Father!” Time and energy is consumed as we turn to You and You work in us correction, time and energy that could have, should have, been used to build new, not make repairs, time and energy for “glory to glory” instead of…. Abba… forgive us for not even considering what You would have us do and how You would have us do it, from the beginning. Your wisdom and the rightness of Your Ways are not hidden or hard to understand. Your Spirit would teach and lead rightly. We just need to be humble and willing to obey. Even now, from this moment on Father, may we prepare for decision making and action by first knowing and listening to Your Word, by communing with You heart to heart in prayer, by offering up sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise, and then dedicating all to You. Then, Father, then, may we begin to think and speak and act, and proceed in the doing, in the same Spirit as in the preparing, through to the end. Grant us, and thank You for, Your peace in our lives Father. You are so good. May You be glorified Jehovah God…Abba Father…by our bended knees and love for You, our love for one another. In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen.        

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