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Elder's Prayer - Managing Anger

Father, teach us how to handle our anger.

People and circumstances beyond our control can cause us to be angry. We by our own thoughts and actions can bring on ourselves, circumstances that make us angry. Give us discernment, Father, to know the difference.

Grant us discernment to figure out if our anger with others is justified. Whether or not it is justified, Father, may it be our heart and our response to be peacemakers. May our thoughts and actions be for the purpose of fixing/healing rather than for setting the record straight, giving back what was given, vengeance.

Help us Father, to be able to be honestly, genuinely, forgiving towards others on the one hand or to admit our need for and be able to humbly seek forgiveness for ourselves on the other, whichever You lead us to in our actions with one another.

Help us to be skillful with our anger, to use it as a tool to do good and not twist its purpose to allow us to sin.

How wonderful are Your ways Abba.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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