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Elder's Prayer - Instructed to Pray

Father, when we begin a task we ask You for success. When we see a need we ask You to provide for it. When we have a question we ask for You to answer it.

Over and over again we come to You and lay out the contents of our hearts, asking You to hear and respond.

Haven’t You told us to pray to You?

Father, as we approach, may we do so humbly for You are the Creator and Master of all. May we come freely and without fear because we know You love us and welcome us.

May it be, You being glorified, would be the most important thing done as a result of what we pray to You about, and our first desire.

As we continue, over and over again to ask, may our persistence be a demonstration of our faith and trust and expectation that You hear and answer and not an expression of doubt.

May we use the desires and concerns, questions and thoughts, we express in prayer, as a means to draw near to You and are a means of expressing love for one another.

Thank You for the peace and comfort there is in Your presence and that it is never ending.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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