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Elder's Prayer - Consulting God

Father, You created us and all that is. Everything down to and including the tiniest details of all that is, was designed and crafted by You.

So Father why, in the living of our lives do we begin dealing with things that come up and not think to bring the subject up to You first, talk with You about it, no matter how trivial or great it may be?

Why would we choose to engage in any of the inevitable matters of life that come up, alone? Isn’t the whole point to live our lives in fellowship with You?

So if the car starts acting funny and there may be a break down, Spirit remind, “Go and pray over it.” If there is a test at school or work we are worried about passing, in Yeshua’s name pray, or when it’s what color to paint the room, or whether to take this route or that, park here or there, speed up and go through the yellow or not, fix fish for supper or pot pies, wear the blue T-shirt or the white, the heels or flats, the “million” little things that collectively are a testing that affects our walk and our peace, Father we pray to You that You might be with us in all of it, that we would not go on if we cannot go on with You.

We pray for You to be with us in this world Father in all things and protect us from the Evil One and any advantage we might give him to separate us from You by not calling and trusting You in all things.

Thank You Father for You’re the faithfulness of Your love for us, to walk with and protect Your children in better or worse, in sickness and health, riches and poverty, big things and the little things as well.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,



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