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Elder's Prayer - Candle Day 2

You touch our hearts and it is like flame to a wick. Just as the wick fuels the flame, may the hearts You are shaping in us be fuel for bright light in darkness. The wax of these perishable bodies melts away freeing the good You are forming in us to provide warmth and light to all around us. May Your Spirit move in the flickering of our flames Father and touch…. May the one who is sick begin to feel healing. May the one who feels unseen be befriended. May broken hearts and broken bonds begin to mend. May those wandering find direction and purpose. Where there is sadness may gladness come and alight upon…. Place a smile on a stern face, a “cloak of praise” on a heavy heart. Where there is fatigue, refresh with energy. Where there is dejection, may heart be taken. May eyes seek and dwell on good. May hearts be thankful. May spirits be lifted with glad hope. May our flames burn brightly and bring You glory. In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen.

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