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Elder's Prayer - Candle Day 4

You spoke light into heavenly bodies and they mark  time and illuminate our lives.

No- thing escapes the touch of that light. Those bodies without light of their own are exposed to and deflect the light of those that do.

No-one can escape the touch of Your Light. Even when we hid from You, even when we hide from You, it is penetrating the darkness, chasing it away.

May we step “out of  darkness into Your marvelous Light.”

Indwell us with Your Spirit. Cast out the darkness that seeks to suppress, in the Name of The Light, Yeshua, we pray.

Illuminate us within and may Your Light kindled inside us, shine out, ever growing in brightness, even brilliance.

May we be as heavenly bodies that have light and not like those that merely deflect it.

May those to whom we are Your Light, be drawn near, that they too may be Light and not merely a surface that deflects.

May all of creation be alighted with praise and glory, to You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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